The Sound of eF HAVoc

Producer - Rapper - Artist

Hunter Nicholas Froelich (born August 12th, 1999), known

professionally as eF HAVoc, is an American hip-hop recording artist,

rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He has collaborated

with several musical artists such as Torie Shea, Talon, Valentine Beats,

 Nesyu Beats, Blood Staind Faze, Soulker, 7ink, bezimenimusic, Tydiedyung, BK Fire,

Ocean, Judah, YB CEO, BigMookDaGodFatha and Curiosity Thag.


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Artist Info

Hailing from Minnesota, eF HAVoc has been producing solid ice cold multimedia works since the age of 4. From his first Polaroid, to his modern day Cannon, photography and videography has been a strong suit of his. With the exception of leasing beats, eF HAVoc fully produces all of his vocals, images, videos, markets, networks, and manages everything himself.


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